How does Your Life Fit into the Greatest Story of All Time?

Have you ever asked yourself about how your life fits into the universe? Is there a story being told that is bigger than just you? And if so, how do you fit into that story? 

The world is not just a random combination of individual stories, but a theatre in which God is telling the greatest story of all time. The Bible presents to us this grand story of history. Ultimately all the stories of the bible point to this one grand story. Its the story of a happy and glorious God who creates all things because of his overflowing joy. And at the pinnacle of his creative acts God creates mankind, in his own image. And yet, mankind in its pride rebelled against this holy God choosing to be their own master. This sets the stage for the greatest story of all time. What will a holy and righteous God now do with a sinful and rebellious people? The answer is astounding. He will love and pursue them at great cost to himself. The grand story of history culminates in God coming in the flesh in the person of Jesus to save his sinful people. Jesus pays the penalty of death that sinners deserve so that any and all who trust in Jesus alone can be forgiven and reconciled to the holy and happy creator of the universe. This is a story of good news. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The question remains how does your life fit into this grand story of history? 

This video helps to tell this story and challenges you to find your place within it. 

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