The City Hope internship is our commitment to raise up the next generation of minority leaders that will carry the banner of the multiethnic church forward. As such, the 10 month internship is designed to give young men and women of ethnic minorities a greater vision for and skills in planting and sustaining multiethnic churches in North America and beyond. We acknowledge that the Multiethnic church movement is the future of church planting in America and the New Testament pattern. And we also acknowledge that if this movement will grow and be sustained we must prioritize minority led multiethnic churches. The goal of this program is twofold. First, it is to equip the church with qualified lay leaders that could be ministry leaders, core group and/ or church plant launch team members in multiethnic works. The second is to raise up a minority church planter to lead a multiethnic church in North America with a specific focus on East Central Indiana. 

We are excited to launch the pilot program in the fall of 2018. The program will include development, consultation with Multiethnic church experts throughout the country, and ministry opportunities at City Hope and with the Impact Movement at Ball State University. 


For the pilot year of the City Hope Internship we chose three amazing individuals who have had a huge impact at City Hope. We are excited for them to join with us and help us expand our Kingdom reach. 

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Chris Mack

Chris Mack is a Muncie local born and raised out of Indianapolis, IN. With a Bachelor's degree in Communication and a genuine interest in others, he loves to get to know people. Usually he is the last to leave every social setting so do not get a ride from this guy unless you are aware!


Octavia Miller

Octavia is a Chicago native and recent Ball State grad with a passion for Jesus and people. She was led to not only intern at CHF but to also join Part Time Staff with Cru to work alongside the Impact movement. The best way to get to know her is to cook a great meal and invite her over. 


LJ Herbert

Naptown raised and Muncie made, LJ is an aspiring hip hop artist facilitating conversation making faith, hope, & love the statement. His aim this year is to build the connection of the church to the  local community. When he’s not producing or consuming art, he likes long walks on the beach and short runs on the track.

Because we are still a young church plant, we are seeking to raise some funds in order to launch this intern program. These funds will be used for intern salaries, development resources, and intern outreach projects. If you have any questions about the program or would like to talk further please contact us. If you would like to give towards this project please use the button below and be sure to designate the "Intern Program Fund" in the dropdown menu. 

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